The Training Strings or WYOTS (Westmorland Youth Orchestra Training Strings), will resume from September 2021. The group is run by our cello tutor, Rachel Moore and welcomes players of approximately grade 2 standard upwards to play in a friendly and fun atmosphere. 

Where? Castle Street Centre, Kendal

When? Between 5.45pm and 6.55pm at the Castle Street Centre on Fridays during WYO term time (resuming from September 2021).

Who can join? String players of approximately grade two upwards.


Will I have a chance to meet new friends? Yes, the wind and string groups are running at the same time and will share a break-time during which players will have a chance to chat.

Can I be in WYOTS and the main orchestra? Yes, at approximately grade four players move into WYO but can also stay in WYOTS if they wish (for no extra cost!)

What does it cost? 

£3 per child per week (to be collected half-termly)

£2.50 per child per week for two or more children (siblings)

If any students are unable to meet the cost of subs please be in touch with the Administrator to discuss how we can help. All enquiries will be dealt with in confidence.


How do I join?

Please send an e-mail to the Administrator, Anna Howard, who will be in touch.