Our first two rehearsals of the Autumn term are free come and try nights for children aged 12-18 of at least grade 2 standard (preferably a little higher). Players of grade 4 standard are then generally accepted into the orchestra at the discretion of the Musical Director.  The next two come and try nights will be in September 2019, but if you are interested in joining the Orchestra at another time do get in touch via the website and let us know!



Rehearsals start promptly at 7pm, please arrive in plenty of time and remember to bring a pencil with you.

If there are any rehearsals you cannot attend:

• Please tell Fredrik Holm and/or your Section Tutor and initial Register in advance,
• Leave your music in the store, or give it to friend to take in,
• At latest, telephone Fredrik during week on 07780 623855.

In case of wintry conditions, please check the Home page for notices of any rehearsal cancellations. Generally, rehearsals will take place if at all possible for the benefit of those who live locally, leaving the decision on attendance up to parents’ own discretion.


What is the Westmorland Youth Orchestra?

The Westmorland Youth Orchestra is an orchestra of about 50 young people from the South Lakeland area.

When do the WYO rehearse?

Every Friday evening in term-time between 7.00pm and 9.30pm in the Castle Street Youth Centre in Kendal. If you would like to come and watch a rehearsal we sometimes arrange open rehearsals or you could come along another evening by arrangement.

Who will be there?

You will probably know quite a few of the players from school. All are aged between 12-18. You will recognise some of the adults who teach instruments in the schools and the orchestra is conducted by Fredrik Holm. It is also an excellent way of making new friends especially during the interval where we run a snack bar. You can also go with friends round the corner for a bag of chips!

What kind of music do the WYO play?

All sorts. We play new pieces that have been especially composed for the orchestra, music from classical composers, and also older music going back a few hundred years.

How often are the concerts?

Three times a year is usual – one at the end of November, one in late March or early April, and one in late June or early July. Concerts are usually held on Saturdays at various locations in the south and central Lake District.

How do I join and what instruments are needed?

If you are interested then please talk to your music teacher or Fredrik Holm (tel. 07780 623855) and contact our membership secretary. The orchestra is always interested to hear from players of all instruments. We are also interested to hear from able musicians who could learn percussion or timpani – so you don’t have to be learning an orchestral instrument to apply. We also have places for woodwind instruments, particularly flutes and oboes, this year so if you are interested please do make contact.

Will it cost anything?

Yes, it will – currently around £5 an evening or approximately £16 a month by standing order. It costs a lot of money to run the orchestra and we are fortunate to be supported by many Organisations and Individuals (see Sponsors page). However, your subs are also a vital contribution. If you do have any difficulty in paying these and/or transport to rehearsals you can still join the orchestra. Please see the treasurer of WYO who will see what arrangements can be made for you.