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A word from one of our players:

Katie (Clarinettist) 

I first became a part of the orchestra a few years ago as many of my friends in the music department at my school were already members and suggested it would be a good opportunity to play with like-minded young people passionate about making music. I think that is what I love the most about the group- everyone is dedicated to playing music to a very high standard whilst having the best time doing so. The opportunities that arise as a result of being part of the group are incredible. For one, I was given the chance as a clarinettist to start playing the bass clarinet which quickly became my favourite instrument to play inside and outside of the orchestra. Furthermore, there have been multiple occasions in which the orchestra have played compositions and arrangements from players in the group which is a fantastic way of showcasing the other talents amongst the players. 


The program of music we play is always evolving and to think of the pieces we were playing a few years ago (a beautiful trombone concerto for example), compared to now (Coldplay and ABBA)- the range of genres is really evident. Some of the highlights for me have been the video game themed concert in which we performed classics such as the Wii theme and the Super Mario theme, although, my all-time favourite piece to perform was the ‘Toy Symphony’. 

During the lockdowns, the WYO community stayed active. Although we couldn’t rehearse in person, we found ways to continue making music together in the form of virtual videos (which, as well as giving us all something to do, allowed us to realise how difficult it is to play in an orchestra without being able to hear any other parts!). The two I took part in included a piece written and performed as a tribute to the NHS and the other a Christmas piece to bring a bit of jolliness to those who saw it.  

I am grateful to be back rehearsing with the group in person. As well as the musical side of the group, I have also massively benefited from the social aspects. I have made great friends and can think of no better way to spend my Friday evenings than playing music with them all.  ~February 2022~


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