Pulse Workshop Session

Sunday 19 January

Castle Street Centre


Please bring: instruments and your creativity!

There is no cost for this session


Pulse are thrilled to be teaming up with WYO to deliver additional workshop sessions in preparation for a performance of a specially written piece (by Kirsty Devaney and WYO) for bass clarinet (Jack McNeill) and flexible ensemble to be premiered at WYO’s summer concert.


In this January workshop participants will play alongside Jack and Kirsty to workshop some of the music already in its early stages to get your feedback on it. We'll be creating new material together, drawing on individual skills and group improvisation. Players will be experimenting with new ways of using their instruments (no violins will be harmed in the making of this workshop – don’t worry Debby!) as well as developing new chamber music and ensemble skills. Jack and Kirsty will also share how some found sounds and field recordings will be incorporated in the piece... Needless to say, it's going to be a jam-packed morning and this is only the beginning!


About Pulse

Pulse is being set up to provide passionate young Cumbrian musicians with professional insight and skills to complement their secondary music education. It’s built around cross-discipline musicianship and collaboration in composition and performance. Whether you're committed to playing an instrument (or three!), writing songs, symphonies or soundbites, or it's alternative noise machines that really get you excited, you’ll be able to apply for the first full Pulse programme which will take place over three residential weekends in 2020-2021.

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