Robin Davies



One of the Youth Orchestras more vibrant past leaders was Robin Davies. Robin joined Westmorland Youth Orchestra in 1991, aged 8. By 2000 he was regarded as one of the counties top young players and he worked closely with the orchestra until being appointed leader aged 15, the youngest age of any of WYO's previous leaders.


During his 10 years with the Orchestra, Robin worked closely with Noel, along with the violin coach Roland Fudge to move the orchestra forward and provided ever exciting and initiative concerts. Reflecting on his time with WYO in 2002, Robin said


"I really enjoyed my time with the orchestra. It taught me a lot about teamwork and I really progressed as a musician."


Robin was invited to play with the Cumbria Youth Orchestra in 1999, which toured Iceland the year later. Having been with CYO for 2 years, he was asked to lead the Orchestra, thus becoming one of the few violinists that led Westmorland Youth Orchestra at the same time as Cumbria Youth Orchestra. With CYO, Robin led the orchestra for their successful appearance at the Edinburgh festival.


Robin left the orchesta in 2002 aged 18, the same year in which he was awarded the Ferriby Cup, an award given to the player who has contributed most to the orchestra. His last concert included a performance of the 'Bach Double' with Co-Leader Ben Leavett.