Ruth Leavett



My name is Ruth Leavett and I joined the WYO when I was about 11 (1996) to play the flute, I left in 2002. In sixth form it was a huge decision for me between music and geography and in the end I chose to do physical geography at the University of Sheffield because it was the more scary option to me. I carried on my music by playing in the University Orchestra, singing in the choir, and accompanying a University Choir on the piano. Although I donít play the flute so much anymore, I love playing the piano still. I really enjoy my music and hope to one day play in an orchestra again.


I joined WYO because it was a natural progression from the Junior Orchestra in Kirkby Lonsdale which I really enjoyed, and my brother and some other friends were already in the WYO and I didnít want to miss out. My time with the WYO was great, I enjoyed being able to play in part of a large musical .... noise and I loved the feeling of being semi famous for a few seconds when a large solo came up and everyone in the audience could hear me. The concerts were always fun and felt like a real occasion. The orchestra was a great opportunity for me and I think everyone to make really good friends, improve our musicianship and feel like part of a team. Some of my happiest memories of WYO were playing Finzii's 'Eclogue' piano concerto with all my friends in the orchestra for one of my last concerts, and laughing so hard I had to run out the rehearsal one time! (I canít remember why).


I finished my degree in the summer of 2006 and have since been to Patagonia on a research and exploration expedition which was fantastic. I am now trying to figure out what I want to do next, whether it is to do further study in Polar Research, go back to Montana USA (where I spent a year studying) to work at a National Park or study Snow Science, or Ski for a living (ha), apply for a masters in Composition of Music for Film and TV or go to Greenland and live in an Igloo. The possibilities are endless...!


I hope what I am trying to say gets across, that it really was a great opportunity!