Ben Leavett



I joined WYO when I was 9 or 10 I guess, so that must have been about 1993. I played the violin there until I left school (Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale) after sixth form in 2002.


I am now studying for my final year of a Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Bristol. When I graduate in June (2007) I'm having some time off before starting working.


I plan to drive from the UK to India over the months before Christmas. When I get back I'll be starting full-time work near Brighton as a Security/Technology Consultant.


In my spare time I cycle about a bit, play tennis occasionally and play the violin. When winter comes I spend months being ski-sick (a bit like being home-sick I'd guess, but for skiing!) then head off for a week skiing/boarding in some snowy mountains somewhere or other.


At university I'm the secretary for the Power Kite Society and am also on the committee for the International Affairs Committee, for whom I maintain a website. 


I am also the technical consultant for and stakeholder in a quality tea business set up by a couple of friends of mine from home. It's still in it's infancy as a company but we have big plans for the coming year! The company is called 'brew’ and can be found at If you feel like joining our mailing list you can help us spread the brew philosophy and together, we can take tea back to the forefront of the hot drinks industry!


I am still playing in an orchestra here in Bristol, it's called the Brunel Sinfonia and is an orchestra for all ages but also includes many students my age. We have a concert every term when usually our orchestra can get as big as 100!


Oh, and my web address is