PROGRAMME - Autumn Film Music Concert - November 2015


Zarathustra – Sunrise (1896) (used in film: 2001 A Space Oddysey - 1968) Richard Strauss


Cello Concerto 1st movement (1919) (used in film: Hilary and Jackie – 1998) Edward Elgar

- solo cello Keir McGregor


Thunderbirds March (1965) Barry Gray


Dances with Wolves (1990) John Barry


Ride of the Valkyries (1856) (used in film: Apocalypse Now - 1979) Richard Wagner



Mission: Impossible (1966) Lalo Schifrin


Romance from The Gadfly (1955) Dmitri Shostakovich

- solo clarinet Jack Horrocks


Walking the Dog from Shall we Dance (1937) George Gershwin

- solo clarinet Jack Horrocks


For Your Eyes Only (1981) Bill Conti & Michael Leeson



The Lord of the Rings (2001/2) Howard Shore


PROGRAMME - Scherezade Concert - PARISH CHURCH, KENDAL - 27 JUNE 2015



Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers (2002)                   Howard Shore                  


Overture on Hebrew Themes (1919)                             Sergei Prokofiev

      - arranged for septet by Amy Thompson

Laura Braithwaite (flute)

Freya Rock, Matt Farren and Ritchie Budd (violins)

Maddie Hurley (cello)

Alistair Burton (piano)

Amy Thompson (bassoon) 


Walking the Dog (1937)                                              George Gershwin

- Featuring Jack Horrocks (clarinet) 


Scheherazade (1888)                                  Rimsky-Korsakov                

Prelude – Ballade – Adagio - Finale

                  Soloist Freya Rock (violin)



PROGRAMME   - "A Classical Spring" - APPLEBY PUBLIC HALL - 14 MARCH 2015


The Prince of Denmark’s March                                  Jeremiah Clarke

                  (composed c. 1700, London)


Violin Concerto in G - 1st movement                                  W. A Mozart

                  (composed 1775, Salzburg)

- Solo violin: Persia Babayan-Taylor


“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”                               Felix Mendelssohn          

      Nocturne and Wedding March                 (composed 1842, Potsdam)


 Symphony No. 6  (Pathétique)              Tchaikovsky                                      

(composed 1893, St. Petersburg)